His only wish was Freedom

Sunday, April 09, 2006

His only wish was Freedom

His only wish was to see his children and bring them to Canada to go in peace and live together as a whole family again.
On the other hand this longing was becoming unbearable because his long separation from his children. Not only was he suffering from longing but also his children’s close relations to their father were getting lessen. This great frustration was his nightmares, which was appearing to be natural conclusion of their situation.
Indeed, He was in hurry to get together yet He must have got together. However, how that he did not know? Everyday was another hardship for him. During the years without even a proper identification or protection, he was concealing himself with fear and alarm, which was not a case to get together with his children. He was dreaming final unite with his children but perhaps for another time…
Eventually, after staying some time in Turkey he managed to come to Canada as a refugee immigrant in October 2001, with a hope in his heart that was never ending. His wish could come true this time. The wish a father, who is like Huseyincan Celil, could only feel for its intense, severe emotion.
He was right to think that Canada would protect and help him in any way to respect his freedom and his family as well. Everything was going well truly Canada made contact to Beijing Embassy so quickly to bring his children. He was so happy that could never put in words. While his children were on their way, to Beijing to finish visa preparations He would not keep his emotions that His tears were noticeable this time from the joy and happiness of his wish finally was becoming alive.
He was so relieved to know Canada was there to comfort him after asking Canadian officials about Chinese would be so hard to deal with. Indeed Canada did bring him and his family with no travel document and claiming to bring his children with no worry as well in same situation. Without doubt, He trusted them for their honesty and contribution.
However, His children could not get their travel documents that made him worry of their present. Immediately the officials were there to help Huseyincan Celil to handle this issue over Chinese side. Day by day Celli’s confidence in Canadian negotiations over Chinese side to bring his children was diminishing. Thus, Chinese Regime was not like any others in the world. He was aware of this dilemma then anyone else.
Further, with a broken hearth and disappointment He started to write to politicians, human rights organizations and anybody who might be a help about the matter. He had never got tired to let them know his situation and kept writing his issues.
Any refugee from East Turkistan has the same crisis of Huseyincan Celil and any Uyghur descendant has no right to have own identification. Chinese Regime was there to make suffer them and use of their children present in their hand to trick and treat their parents in order to work for them and scare if not follow their orders. Additionally they would even call them where they immigrate and threaten them to over their children to be their secret agent (spy) and if they do not cooperate, they claim to torture and kill their family.
In was a severe pain in our hearts not to have chance to go back our own fatherland that we could spare our lives for its present. Our relatives, brothers, mothers, fathers, and families, our beloved ones there with no help and connection. Similar to Celil’s situations our father and family members are passing away without to see us for the last time.
For the second time he was having similar kind of happiness after he got his citizenship. Because, He was trusting in Canada that It is a great and strong country with its solid respect to human rights and freedom. He thought he was finally in safe and free.
Since, He could not go to his own country he could give a visit his wife’s country to see and join to his relatives to ease his endless longing and pain in his heart.
Nevertheless, a Uyghur, a man from East Turkistan with the one of the world’s greatest powers protection would not make difference for Chinese Regime, which is still humongous imperial (torturer and dictator) over the Middle Asian Countries even he is now from the country of freedom.
I, one of the closest friends of Huseyincan Celil, was the one who first contacted to foreign affairs departments about his detention in Uzbekistan who share the same destiny like him with my eldest son in the Chinese prisons for more then two years. My sons’ charge was the same Celil’s children that are being a Uyghur and East Turkistan descendant. I too did not see my own children for ten years that we all did what Celil did recently that could not bring any solution into our situation. Communist Chinese have done this suffer and torment for years and there is no help from nowhere. This was just another small example made by China, which will be disappearing in the near future, but we will never forget…

His close friend
Ghulam Yaghma

visit his web site East Turkistan
Dramatized by Free Huseyincan Celil Organization


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